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Location: In central Alberta, 120 km (70 miles) northeast of Calgary on Secondary Road 583, off Highway 2. Population: 3230. Visitor Information: Phone: (403) 443-5822; Email: info@threehills.ca


Three Hills was incorporated as a village in 1912 when it was moved to its current location on the Canadian Northern Railway, and soon became a center for the surrounding wheat-growing region.

In 1922, the Prairie Bible Institute was established in Three Hills by L.E. Maxwell. As a result, the population of the town and its neighboring communities grew until the 130-acre campus and the nearby hamlets of Grantville and Ruarkville were annexed to the town. Three Hills hosted the Alberta Seniors Games in 1998 because of the large facilities at the Bible college. Built in 1954, the 4,300-seat Maxwell Memorial Tabernacle was Canada's largest religious auditorium before it was demolished in 2005.

The food and lodging industries in Three Hills are busy and varied. Three Hills Campground is located on the east side of town, within walking distance to local restaurants and other amenities. Visitors can enjoy the Kneehill Historical Society Museum, an impressive aquatic centre and lovely local parks, or the pleasant 9-hole golf course located five miles southwest of town.

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