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Kodiak and Its Bears
Frazer Lake is recognized as one of the best bear viewing destinations on Kodiak Island.
Frazer Fish Pass
Located 70 miles southwest of the city of Kodiak, Frazer Lake is recognized as one of the best bear viewing destinations on the Island. The river system is now home to the second largest returning sockeye salmon run on Kodiak. In 1963, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game engineered a series of fish ladders allowing the salmon to ascend around 30-foot Frazer Falls. The fish get backed up at the entrance of the ladder, and that is where the bears have learned to fish in order to take advantage of the situation.
A ¾ mile path leads from Frazer Lake to the Fish Pass and Falls. The bear viewing area overlooks the fish pass, weir, waterfall and a large pool area where the bears congregate. The viewing area is natural and undeveloped other than a few white rocks marking the path and a small sign (which has bears have usually chewed up).
Typically, there are 5 to 10 bears in view at a distance of 40 to 60 yards, although they can get much closer. Most of the bears in this area tend to be females, cubs and young bears which have become accustomed to the being watched and like to fish the area because it is fairly easy. Visitors can also take a brief tour of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Facility and Fish Pass.
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